The Original Catholic Content Site

About fifteen years ago several Catholic websites were started by some of those pioneering people who saw the Internet as a way to provide Catholic information and community on-line. This was before Amazon was huge and when AOL was still king of Internet access while their ubiquitous disks were cursed by all.

Among those original pioneers (forgive me if I leave you off, it wasn’t intentional) were Paul at The Catholic Pages, Kevin at New Advent, the Catholic Information Network, Peter’s Net (now Catholic Culture), Catholic Online and, if I may be vain for a moment, The Catholic Liturgical Library.

These sites are still all online but some of us have not been able to devote the time that Kevin at New Advent has to constantly improving his site. I graduated from college, started a family and my own Catholic store which really cut into my ability to update the Liturgical Library. I’m sure others have faced similar challenges.

But Kevin has constantly been improving the original on-line Catholic Encyclopedia so that it is cross-linked everywhere and available on CD. He has also expanded his selection with the inclusion of the Summa, the Church Fathers, the Douay Bible and a selection of Catholic documents.

If you haven’t used his site or don’t have the entire document collection on CD, you might want to take a look.

3 Responses to The Original Catholic Content Site

  1. Kevin has also included a link to this webpage at the top of the Headlines 😀

  2. Ian, New Advent is such a treasure! It is just unbelievable, what he’s done there. My hat is off to him for such an undertaking. It must be a real labor of love. I use it all the time for referencing and point it out as a great source of information for people who don’t know about this or that Church teaching or a part of Church history.

    God bless him for keeping it up!

  3. Florentius says:

    The New Advent site is truly a God-send. I use it constantly and as it’s public domain, a lot of information from there has filtered into Wikipedia, much to that site’s benefit.

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