Easter Specials at Aquinas and More

March 28, 2006







March 28, 2006


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All Easter Products on sale, 15% off!

(excluding Missals)

Featured Easter Products

Catholic Teaching: Spiritual Preparation for Easter


Story of Easter Coloring Book

The Story of Easter Coloring Book
This series compliments Catholic Classics for Children. The collection is ideal for school, group and individual use. The cover artwork of William Luberoff distinguishes this line.


Easter Card with gold foil. 25 per box.

Inside Verse: On this day of our Lord’s glorious Resurrection,
may the Spirit of the Risen Christ always live within you,
and may you always have the gift of love, the blessing of Hope,
and the promise of Peace.


Jesus Easter Card
Life Everlasting Pendant


This unusual gold pendant necklace has a two-part pendant. The front part has a gold cross with a silver lilly on it. The back part has the words "Life Everlasting Through Our Lord Jesus Christ" engraved on it. The pendant measures 1 1/4in. high and 7/8in. across and comes on a medium weight 28in. rope chain in a green gift box.

Mysterium Paschale
This is an account, at once rigorously theological and warmly devotional, of the death and resurrection of Christ, and their significance for the Christian life. Von Balthasar offers sharp insights into some current controversies—for example, the 'bodiliness' of the Resurrection—and spiritual inspiration for the year round. This scholarly reflection of the climax of the Christian year is an established classic of contemporary Catholic theology.

Mysterium Paschale
Rising in Christ


Rising in Christ: Meditations on the Living Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith. In these meditations, Poope John Paul II shows us that the hope and joy of the resurrection is a tangible reality we can experience in our own lives. Each chapter opens with a reflection and prayer that will help readers deepen their understanding of the resurrection and tap into its powers each day.

Veggie Tales – An Easter Carol
Ebenezer Nezzer is out of control! Filling London with plastic Easter eggs, he's on a rampage to make Easter "bigger than every!" But just how hard can his mechanical chickens work before they're … well, fried? In just one unforgettable day and night, Cavis and Milward (Bob and Larry) and a music box angel named Hope (voiced by Rebecca st. James) must convince Nezzer that Easter is about more than just candy and eggs.

Veggie Tales - An Easter Carol
True Meaning Of Easter


In this enlightening and inspirational production, the story of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus is recounted in the magnificent English of the traditional Catholic translation of the Bible, supported by the unforgettable words of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and underscored by the timeless beauty of Gregorian chant and sweeping orchestral music reminiscent of a fine film score. This is one presentation you'll definitely want to share with family and friends.

Destined to be a modern classic, this high-quality digital presentation will undoubtedly become a treasured family tradition for generations to come. Order today and prepare to experience The True Meaning of Easter.


Through Jesus Christ and the founding of the Catholic Church, hundreds of Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled and the world was changed forever. Join Catholic Answers Apologist Rosalind Moss as she explores The Jewish Roots of Our Catholic Faith.

In this brand new 3-CD Set, Rosalind explores the Messianic line through which our Savior came, and shares her own experiences as a Jewish convert to Catholicism. She plumbs history to show us that the cornerstone of our 2000-year-old Church was laid at the beginning of time.

Jewish Roots Of Our Catholic Faith
Jesus Entering Jerusalem Olive Wood Carving


Jesus Entering Jerusalem Olive Wood Carving
This beautifully crafted sculpture is hand-carved from olive wood from the Holy Land. It depicts Jesus with a donkey as He entered Jerusalem the week of His Passion.


Catholic Teaching: Spiritual Preparation for Easter

Lent is Old English for Spring and other interesting facts!

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Happy Feast of St. Joseph from Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

March 20, 2006




March 20, 2006

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10% off all St. Joseph merchandise!

Top St. Joseph items

Catholic Teaching: Is St. Joseph the Father of Jesus?

Joseph Laminated Holy Card

A listing of all our St. Joseph merchandise.

Four-color St. Joseph Scapular with brown cord, St. Benedict Medal and Crucifix.

St. Joseph Scapular with St. Benedict Medal
Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph: His Life And His Role In The Church Today

Now, perhaps the first time, the real Joseph of Nazareth emerges from behind the legends and myths that have dominated earlier works. This is not a pallid icon gazing at a lily, but a rugged flesh and blood carpenter deeply in love with his wife, passionately devoted to his son, skilled at his work, and completely dedicated to God's will.

No words of St. Joseph are recorded in Scripture. In fact, little mention is made of him. Yet, despite these seeming limitations, the Church nonetheless possesses an indescribably rich knowledge of St. Joseph, a fact which The Life and Glories of St. Joseph by Edward Healy Thompson amply demonstrates. Based mainly on Scripture, but supported also by tradition and the depositions of saints, it is a carefully reasoned analysis of the entirety of that great saint's role in the history of Salvation and the life of the Church.

Life and Glories of Saint Joseph
St. Joseph And Child 8 in. Alabaster Statue

This finely detailed statue of St. Joseph holding the Christ Child is made of alabaster and is hand-painted.

The statue is made in Italy and stands 8 in. high.

This vinyl composition statue of St. St. Joseph with the Christ Child stands 24 inches tall and has a Granite-colored finish.

For outdoor use, the statue can be filled with mortar mix or 1/2 inch diameter gravel for additional weight.

St. Joseph and Child 24in. Outdoor Granite-Finish Statue
St. Joseph 12 Kt Gold-Filled Round Medal

This round 12 kt. gold-filled St. Joseph medal is 3/4in. in diameter. It depicts St. Joseph holding the Christ Child. The medal comes with an 18in. gold plated brass chain with in a deluxe gift box.

The beautiful pewter wall cross is 5 in. x 3 1/2 in. In the center is a medallion with St. Joseph in high relief. Above is the Holy Spirit, on the left arm of the cross is the symbol of the Lamb of God, and on the right arm is the Bible. Comes in a gift box with the "Prayer to St. Joseph."

St. Joseph the Worker Pewter Wall Cross
Joseph/Protector of Homes Laminated Holy Card

"St. Joseph, protect our home. Pour forth heaven's blessing on our family. Remain in our midst. Help us to live in love and harmony, in peace and joy. May the wholesome fear of God strengthen us that virtue may adorn what we do and our way may lead to heaven.

"To you this day I give the key to our dwelling place. Lock out all things that could do us harm. Lock my home and my loved ones with me in the hearts of Jesus and Mary. This I beg of you that our days may be like your days in the holy home at Nazareth. Amen."

Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

Here are all the famous, beloved prayers to St. Joseph, including the Novena to St. Joseph, Prayer to Obtain a Special Favor, Litany to St. Joseph, 30 Days' Prayer, Memorare to St. Joseph, Ancient Prayer to St. Joseph ("found in the fiftieth year of Our Lord . . ."), Prayer for Purity, Prayer to Obtain a Conversion, Prayer for a Happy Death, Prayer in a Difficult Problem, Litany for a Dying Person, the Chaplet of St. Joseph, the Cord of St. Joseph, and much more.

Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph

Catholic Teaching: Is St. Joseph the Father of Jesus?

There is more than one opinion today on Joseph’s relationship to Jesus. Here are some you may have heard:

Joseph was possibly the biological father of Jesus, but the Gospels deny it, claiming that Jesus was the product of a virgin birth, making him more than a man.
Jesus was really the product of a rape, and Joseph stepped up to the plate and helped Mary and her baby.

Joseph was not the father of Jesus because Jesus had no biological father; he was born to the Virgin Mary by the miraculous overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.

So what is the truth? Is it theologically and historically correct to call Joseph the father of Jesus? The answer is both yes and no.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

March 14, 2006





March 14, 2006

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Saint Patrick's Day is March 17!

Saint Patrick related merchandise

Catholic Teaching: Life of Saint Patrick




St. Patrick Ceramic Plaque

St. Patrick Ceramic Plaque


This sterling Celtic tie tack measures 7/8in. x 5/8in. and comes in a deluxe gift box.

Celtic Sterling Silver Tie Tack
Darby O-Gill and the Good People


You're sure to agree with The New York Times, which hailed Darby O'Gill and the Good People as "delightful reading," and with The Saturday Review of Literature, which called these stories "a happy evening for any reader with a heart for wise nonsense." Here's good fun for children and grownups alike!


This green enameled Irish crib medal is 2 3/8in. tall and pictures a child angel holding a teddy bear.

Gold Irish Crib Medal
Irish Blessing

This lovely print has the following blessing:

With the first light of sun
God Bless You
When the day is done
God Bless You
In your smiles and in your tears
God Bless You
Through each day of your years
God Bless You

The print has a tapestry print at the top and the prayer is rendered in calligraphy. It is matted with hand-cut double beveled mats and framed in a 1in. gold wood frame with glass. The overall size is 10in. x 12in.


This 25in. Irish rosary has green 10mm glass beads embossed with shamrocks. The center has St. Patrick and the Celtic crucifix measures 1 1/2in. Comes in a plastic box. From Italy.

Irish Rosary
Story Of St. Patrick


The Story Of Saint Patrick

Open the pages of this enchanting book and learn about the man who lives in the hearts of all the Irish. Did you know that Patrick was a Roman citizen? Or that he was captured by the Celts and made a slave for six years? Or that he managed to escape from being a slave and later became a priest and a bishop? Did you know that he returned to Ireland because of a dream?


Twenty Tales Of Irish Saints

Here’s the moving story of what happened when Patrick baptized the daughters of the King of Connaught and the shocking tale of the spike that pierced Aengus, the courageous Prince of Munster, just as Patrick baptized him. You’ll read about the spilled jar of milk that led Adamnan to become the Abbot of Iona; how Colman’s alarm clocks (a mouse and a rooster) took turns waking him; and a dozen or so other charming tales.

Twenty Tales Of Irish Saints


Blending historical facts with beloved traditions, PATRICK, BRAVE SHEPHERD OF THE EMERALD ISLE brings to life a long-lost world of Druids, warriors, and kings. One that brave Patrick, following the example of the Good Shepherd, illuminated forever.

This St. Patrick holy card is printed in Italy and can be personalized with your own message or prayer. Cards come in sheets of eight with a minimum order of three sheets.

Patrick Custom Holy Card
Patrick In His Own Words


Patrick In His Own Words
This book presents St. Patrick, using his own words, as a marvelous human being, who faced the mystery of life and death with exemplary courage and refreshing honesty.


This unique gold-plated pendant has a cameo of St. Patrick in the center and 4 faux emeralds in the shamrock detail of the border. The pendant measures 1 1/8in. x 3/4. in and comes on an 18in. chain in a lovely green box.

St. Patrick Cameo Pendant
St. Patrick Note Card


This beautiful note card of St. Patrick is 9in. x 4in. On the back of the card is information about his life. It comes with an envelope in a complementary color.


Awesome new Irish Original t-shirt for all you Irish out there. This shirt is available in kelly green or a super cool pigment dyed faded green shirt. Be proud of your Irish heritage; wear it in style! 100% cotton, 100% Irish!

Irish Original T-Shirt (Adult)

Catholic Teaching: Life of Saint Patrick
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10% Off All Lenten Items at Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

March 4, 2006





March 4, 2006



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All Lenten Merchandise is 10% off

Featured Lenten merchandise

Catholic Teaching: Penance on Lenten Fridays




Joy of Lent

Prayerfully prepare for Easter with this Lenten Merchandise, 10% off!

Journey to Easter: Spiritual Reflections for the Lenten Season
Let us walk with Pope Benedict XVI through 40 days of Lent, turning away from the distractions of daily life to rediscover the significance of the birth and death of Jesus Christ, and the meaning of Jesus for Christians everywhere. Memorable themes include: the mystery of Mary; the sign of Jonah; prayer as the center of the life of Jesus; Easter, Pentecost, and the sending of the Spirit.

Spiritual Reflections for the Lenten Season
Magnificat Lenten Companion 2006

The Magnificat Lenten Companion


Are you looking for a way this Lent to return to the Church or to develop a more fervent practice of your faith?

The holy season of Lent speaks to our daily struggles and sorrows, showing how the answer to all life’s troubles is found in the Mystery of Jesus Christ. This handy little booklet provides a series of original reflections to guide you through every day of Lent into the heart of that Mystery.

By spending a few moments meditating on the inspiring daily reflections and the short prayers that follow them, you will discover all that is true, good, and beautiful about the Catholic faith. Let the profound yet practical insights you will find in this little spiritual treasury form and focus your spiritual life, filling it with a new conviction and purpose.


Few Christians can recall all Seven of Our Lord’s Last Words on the Cross. Yet these “Seven Words” – brief sentences spoken by Him – give us Our Saviour’s sacred parting instructions, messages intended not only for their few immediate hearers on the hill of Calvary, but spoken to all generations by way of Holy Scripture. For nothing that Our Lord said or did is without meaning for each of us today. Despite Jesus’ agony on the Cross, these words do not express desperation or anger, but rather the strength of a Person in full command of His faculties to the very end. They are replete with that immense and far-more-than-human love for us which was unquenchable in Our Lord, even by torture and the approach of death, as exemplified in St. John’s statement: “He loved them unto the end.” (John 13:1).

Seven Last Words Of Christ On The Cross
Wisdom from John Paul II


Beloved Pope John Paul II was one of the most popular and inspirational religious figures of our time. In Lent and Easter Wisdom From Pope John Paul II, the late Holy Father’s thought-provoking words lead readers through a journey of conversion throughout the season Lent and Easter week.

Each daily reflection–from Ash Wednesday through the Second Sunday of Easter–begins with thoughts from Pope John Paul II on some appropriate theme, supported by Scripture, a prayer, and a suggested activity for spiritual growth.




The Sacred Passion

In this book, Fr. de la Palma provides an aid for meditating on the Passion. He recreates the events of Jesus’ life beginning with Holy Thursday and concluding with the burial of Our Lord and a powerful evocation of the coming resurrection. With vivid detail and a constant recognition of the role the Blessed Mother played in those days, Fr. de la Palma helps the reader enter into the Last Supper, the institution of the priesthood and the Eucharist, the arrest of Our Lord, the denial of St. Peter, the trials before Caiaphas and Pilate, the scourging and mocking, and finally, the Crucifixion. His meditations hew closely to the Gospel accounts, adding to them insights from other scriptures and frequently culminating in fervent prayers to Our Lord and Our Lady.


Sacred Passion
Divine Intimacy Vol. II


This is the classic book of daily meditations on the interior life, revised and expanded to correspond with the feasts of the Catholic liturgical year, issued in four separate volumes. Volume I covers from the First Sunday of Advent through the Eighth Week of Ordinary Time. Volume II, from Ash Wednesday through Pentecost. Volume III, from the Ninth Sunday through the Twenty-first Week of Ordinary Time. Volume IV, from the Twenty-second Sunday through the Thirty-fourth Week of Ordinary Time. Divine Intimacy is considered a classic throughout the Christian world, a work prepared with loving and conscientious labor by one of the great Catholic teachers of our time. This revision of his famous work vibrates with the freshness of the springtime of grace stirred up by Vatican II and inspired by the renewed impulse to a more vital return to Sacred Scripture. Of all the books of meditations available today, this series is the most practical, liturgically and spiritually formative, and helpful for true communion with God.


Sister Emmerich’s account of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, while faithful to the Bible, is heart-rending, edifying and surprising-because of its intimate detail. Based on the visions of this great mystic, The Dolorous Passion recounts in incredible detail the horrendous sufferings undergone by our Savior in His (it would seem) superhumanly heroic act of Redemption. Illuminating in its description of Mary’s participation in the sufferings of her Son, this book gives the reader a poignant understanding of why Our Lady is sometimes called our “Co-Redemptrix.” The Dolorous Passion is a singular book that conveys a lasting impression of the terrible agony of Our Lord’s sufferings for us. Here is a book that will melt a heart of stone!


Dolorous Passion
Passion Of The Christ (Full screen)


Mel Gibson’s masterpiece, The Passion of the Christ, which tells the story of the last hours of Christ’s life can now be yours!

Rated R



Frequent Confession presents convincing and strong evidence for the benefits of frequent reception of the sacrament of Penance for the health and growth of the spiritual life of all faithful.


Frequent Confession
Stations of the Cross Picture Book


Stations of the Cross Picture Book

This full-color illustrated children’s book from the collection of St. Joseph PictureBooks has the Stations of the Cross with prayers for young children.



Going to Confession
This full-color illustrated book is a perfect guide for young children in making a good confession. It explains the method of receiving the Sacrament, plus it has a good examination of conscience based on the 10 Commandments. Also included are prayers to be said after Confession.


Going to Confession
Stations of the Cross for Children Poster Set


These beautiful posters were illustrated by Patricia Mattozzi. This set of 15 posters are the full color illustrations of each station depicted in the Stations of the Cross for Children book. There are the 14 stations plus the illustration of the risen Lord. As children walk with Our Lord, they begin to better see how He walks with them at home, at school, every day.


Catholic Teaching: Penance on Lenten Fridays

Everybody knows that Catholics in the United States no longer have to abstain from eating meat on most Fridays of the year.

(They do still have to do so on a few Fridays.) But are they legally required to do anything on a typical Friday?
Read More here.