More Information on the Catholic Online Alleged Crimes

December 11, 2007

The poor lady who runs a website selling old images has had her work stolen by Catholic Online and sold in their Chant Art section for over a year (taken offline since last week) without compensating her even though she is still listed as the owner in their user agreement. We also know that the company added the old Catholic Encyclopedia to their website simply to spite the owner of New Advent (Michael Galloway told me this directly). Here is a link to a pdf of the entire complaint filed with the Kern County DA about Catholic Online. It’s a very disturbing list of accusations. We can vouch that many of them are true from first-hand experience.

Catholic Online is not an Ethical Organization

December 6, 2007

We (and others) have had plenty of problems with the Catholic Financial Services division of Catholic Online. It turns out that others have too. Catholic Online has a section of their website called Chant Art. This content was compiled by Julie Brown and Catholic Online was supposed to pay her as they sold images. It turns out that they are selling the images at far below what she was selling them for and haven’t been paying her for the sales. She has called, emailed and sent letters with no response.

If you advertise with this group, I would recommend you stop. You are just helping to support an organization that gives Catholics a bad name.