What your parish needs..

January 31, 2007

We’ve just completed the task of compiling something called “100 Essential Books for the Catholic Parish Library” here at Aquinas and More. It was quite a challenge to distill the great bounty of Catholic books down to just a core “100 Best” but we think we did a pretty good job. If your parish has a library or is interested in starting one, just download the list. Links are included for easy purchasing. We think it is a great starting point! Areas covered include Sacred Scripture, Theology, Church History, Liturgy, Sacraments, Apologetics, Spiritual Classics and Children’s books.

If you have suggestions on changes to the list, please let us know!

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A Journey of Faith 1

January 31, 2007

January 31, 2007 – 1st Entry

A Journey of Faith

Dear Readers,

This short section of our newsletter will introduce you to the healing power of our Lord in the life of just one of his unworthy creatures.  I am not an intellectual, just another ordinary Catholic girl experiencing the extraordinary power of God in her life.  This is not a comfortable place for me to be, sharing personal thoughts with strangers, yet, I must remember, we are all  brothers and sisters in Christ.  I have learned that God loves to challenge us, pulling us out of our comfort zones, that place of safety where we risk nothing and hardly live at all.   Yet, He always pulls us out with such love.  He knows with such intimacy that person we are capable of becoming, that person He created us to be.  Why are we so afraid to let our Lord lead us?  We’ve all lived in those comfort zones and have come to know them so well. 

The Lord brought me to Aquinas and More just over one year ago and there was no doubt in my mind that this was part of His plan for my life.  The first book offered to me was “Catholicism for Dummies”.  Yes, I was offended, but only out of  pride.  As I began to read it, I realized this book was filled with so many details of our Faith of which I was unaware.  I have such a long way to go to fully understand the immense treasure that is our Faith, but our Lord is leading me and I have surrendered to Him and have allowed His love to flow through me.  It is my hope to bring His love to all of our readers.   

All for Jesus,


Ghosts From The Past

January 30, 2007

Eight years ago I wrote an article for Homiletic and Pastoral Review called Parish Liturgical Renewal. Yesterday my sister was looking through her reading list for a theology masters from the Catholic Distance University and the article is on the list! Unfortunately, the original article was printed in draft form. I have provided a link to the finished article here. Is my mom proud? You bet. Do I need to go to confession for getting a big head? Probably.

If you have any feedback on the article, I’d love to hear it.

Do you need strength?

January 30, 2007

Human nature wants to stand up for itself. “I can do it myself! I don’t need any help.” How many times a day do we say that to ourselves?
He Leadeth MeWith God In Russia
Fr. Walter Ciszek, S. J., tells his personal story of how he overcame these emotions and came to fully rely on God to protect him in his two books He Leadeth Me and With God In Russia.

In With God In Russia, He tells the fascinating story of how he came to be in Russia at the start of World War II and how he got arrested. He goes on to tell of his 23 years in Soviet prisons and Siberian labor camps, and his life after prison in Siberia. In He Leadeth Me he tells how he was able to survive all that he did only through God’s help and providence. He explains the emotions he felt at the beginning of the war and at his arrest, how they progressed during his prison stay and the interrogations, and finally how he came to realize that he needed God to survive his ordeal.

Fr. Ciszek offers strength to anyone faced with tough times and difficulties. He gives both physical and spiritual examples of God’s Divine Providence and love, all taken from his own life.

Six is…

January 29, 2007

…the magical number of children that when reached requires you to run the dishwasher at least twice a day so that you have enough dishes and silverware for each meal.

Fr. Drinan is Dead. Pray For His Soul.

January 28, 2007

He’s going to need all the prayer he can get

His last public act was saying the inauguration Mass for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual union “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi.

He also wrote editorials praising President Clinton for vetoing a ban on partial birth abortions and had a consistently pro-abortion voting record during his tenure in Congress.

And yet, during the controversy over Nancy Pelosi’s inaugural Mass, Archbishop Wuerl said that Fr. Drinan was “a priest in good standing”.

Nope, no reason to be cynical here. Please move along to the next scandal.

Breaking News – Latin Is Dead!

January 28, 2007

In what sounds like a sour grapes interview from a Fr. Foster in the London Telegraph, comes this choice bit of anger: “He is not going to do it [allow greater use of the Tridentine Mass],” Fr Foster said. “He had trouble with Regensberg, and then trouble in Warsaw, and if he does this, all hell will break loose.” In any case, he added: “It is a useless mass and the whole mentality is stupid. The idea of it is that things were better in the old days. It makes the Vatican look medieval.”

Fr. Foster sounds like he still hasn’t gotten over getting fired from the Gregorian University.

Also, the statement above makes no sense if Fr. Foster is truly as dedicated to the preservation of Latin as he claims while at the same time sounding a defeatist tone about it being used less and less frequently. Doesn’t his attempt to preserve Latin make him look medieval?

For more analysis of the article, please visit the New Liturgical Movement.

Oh, and if you want to  help keep Latin from becoming extinct, we have a wide range of text books and apologias for Latin available.