I Think We are Officially a Large Family

April 30, 2007

12 Passenger, burgundy, 2006, 28k miles, and zero clearance getting into our garage. The kids love it.

Our Chevy Venture served us well for 23 months during which time it took us to California and Arizona and many smaller trips in between. For the last trip to Arizona, my parents bought us a car topper for the luggage and it was still a very tight fit. The new owners have two kids but want more. Hopefully the van will serve them as well as it did us.

Last week my parents finally said goodbye to the van that served the family faithfully for 17 years. It had 300,008 miles and had been taken all over the country when I was younger. Our Venture was a good van but I didn’t feel bad about selling it. I actually felt sad looking at the picture of the wrecker taking the old van away. It was rusted out, had been turned into a cargo hauler and a while back had an electrical fire that knocked out all the interior lights and the radio. Still, like our old house in town was almost family and full of great memories. Does anyone else have great memories of an old vehicle?


Catholic Business Tip of the Day

April 25, 2007

Don’t post these at work. Ever. (Even if they are really, really funny.)

Sacrifice Demotivation Poster

Thanks to Julie, the Happy Catholic, for reminding me about this site.

Can You Drink This Cup?

April 25, 2007

St. Gianna Molla is an icon for the pro-life movement and someone who is completely incomprehensible to those who believe that a person’s value is based on 1) location and 2) that person’s usefulness to me.

St. Gianna died from pregnancy complications following the birth of her fourth child. She could have aborted the baby or morally had a hysterectomy and consequently lost the child but instead chose to carry the baby to term.

Say a prayer for Mary, a mother of four who just recently died from cancer right after the birth of her fourth child.

The Continuity of Church Music Teaching (On one page)

April 25, 2007

Fr. Fox is doing something amazing. He is actually educating his parishioners on what the Church teaches about sacred music. He created a one page handout that was given out to supplement his homily last week. Keep it up, Father!

In other news, the Diocese of Colorado Springs will be hosting a regional colloquium of sacred music in Colorado Springs in January. Keep an eye here for more details. The 2007 colloquium in Washington, DC is already full so this regional program would be a great opportunity if you haven’t already reserved a place at the national one.

You might also want to read up on our chant resource post from last year.

Some Things Are Worth Believing in Even When They Aren’t True

April 24, 2007

The late, fairy-tale addition of the dragon to his (St. George’s) otherwise factual life still I think still has a place in the Church’s heart. We need our ecclesiastical bed-time stories the same way we need Franklin’s electrical key or Washington’s cherry-tree. They serve as shorthand for the larger virtues that so dominated their lives.

This post reminded me of one of my favorite lines from a movie, Second Hand Lions, which I used as the title for this entry.

I think that is one of the things that make certain movies so compelling that they are still great decades after they were produced – they provide a shorthand of virtue that we yearn for. My dad runs a virtue night at the movies for teen boys that has been very successful for the past three years. They watch movies like Master and Commander, Glory and I am David and instead of watching solely for the entertainment value, they look for what the movie has to say about virtues. He uses the book Boys to Men as the guide for the discussions.

John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart will always be popular because they are icons of virtue. They are part of the American shorthand of patriotism, guts, decency (especially Jimmy Stewart) and bravery that people associate with America. I think that this is why there is so much deconstruction going on in history today. If you destroy the icon it is much more difficult to explain the virtue that it represents. If there are no heroes to lift up as examples of virtue, how can you explain virtues in a “real” way? You can read about bravery all you want in the dictionary but there isn’t anything like seeing the 54th Black Infantry Battalion charging Fort Wagner at night to bring it to life.

Never Plant Before Mother’s Day

April 24, 2007

Description with visuals.

I-25 has re-opened between Castle Pines and Colorado Springs, but travel is still discouraged. Highway 83 is closed between Colorado Springs and Franktown, and Highway 24 is closed between Coloraro Springs and Limon. Highway 94 is closed from Colorado Springs to Lincoln County Line.

Governor Bill Ritter has activated the National Guard to help reach three stranded buses and dozens of drivers who are stuck in Eastern El Paso County. However, we’re told one of those buses made it back to the Miami-Yoder school and students are staying there until help arrives. Another of the buses was stuck outside a home in Yoder, and the homeowner has taken in 18 students plus the bus driver. All of the students are said to be doing fine. A busload of senior citizens was also stranded, but a private citizen rescued the group.

We’re told there another 70 or so stranded drivers on a stretch of Highway 94, and search and rescue crews are using snowcats to try to reach them.

Power outages are widespread. Mountain View Electric says approximately 2500 customers are without power in El Paso County, and the power may not be restored until tomorrow.

…Travel along the Palmer Divide and in Black Forest is strongly discouraged.

Several tornadoes touched down in Eastern Colorado, but damage has been limited a few building and there are no reports of injuries.

Need Some Prayers…

April 24, 2007

We have had a horrible snowstorm all day today with over a foot of snow falling since this morning. The wind and snow are still blowing straight sideways.

Three hours ago our neighbor’s daughter dropped off her brother with us and left on a snowmobile to pick up her mom who was stuck in a drift several miles away. She forgot to leave any contact information and they haven’t come back. It’s 9pm now.

Her brother is autistic and very worried. We have called the sheriff to go find them but could sure use some prayers all around.

St. Anthony, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Update: Sheriff’s office called. Daughter made it to mom but both are still stranded. Sheriff’s office is trying to get someone out there to bring them home. Thank you, Lord.

Update: Snow cat brought the family home. Everyone is fine. Deo Gratias!