So If You Don’t Buy Chinese, Where Do You Go?

June 27, 2007

My wife is asking the question at her blog. Go help her out.

What Would You Call an Organization That…

June 26, 2007
  • was holding several thousand dollars of your money.
  • hadn’t released the money to you even though you had requested its dispersement three months earlier.
  • doesn’t ever answer the phone.
  • doesn’t ever respond to voice mail.
  • doesn’t ever respond to email unless you make threats.
  • lies about receiving documentation you sent.
  • does not follow its own dispute resolution policy.

I think that would be called theft and fraud and such a company should be shut down and exposed publicly for stealing peoples’ money.

But then again, this is Catholic land so organizations such as Catholic Financial Services and its parent company Catholic Online will most likely never be exposed for criminal behavior outside of this blog.

Carnival Time

June 26, 2007

The Carnival of Family Life and the Catholic Carnival are up!

Have You Ever Noticed…

June 21, 2007

That frequently the parish / school which without fail asks you for donations for some raffle every year is the same one that has never returned one phone call when your store has tried to work with them as a supplier for materials?

Case In Point (Re: Doing Business With Catholics)

June 21, 2007

Yesterday I received a kind note from a Catholic blogger asking if I would be interested in advertising on the blog. The ad rates weren’t bad. Today the blogger announced the opening of an Amazon storefront with recommended products.

I’ll bet the blogger didn’t send Amazon a rate sheet.

Is it any wonder that Catholic businesses don’t do well?

For background on this, read here.

And We Were SO Close to Buying Stuff From China!

June 21, 2007

But then they decided to blow up a Marian Shrine.

Let’s Take a Walk Through the Horticulture Pavilion

June 21, 2007

Yes, it’s carnival time again. Sarah did a great job putting together an extensive list of posts.

Wonders Never Cease

June 20, 2007

Remember the scandal about the Kennedy annulment a few years back? Basically, the Catholic Tribunal in Boston secretly granted an annulment to Joe Kennedy that his wife didn’t find out about until three years later. She appealed to Rome – and won!

What Exactly Would This Look Like?

June 20, 2007

Lucy (8) at breakfast: “You are Mommy’s knight in charming armor.”

CPA – Destroying the Faith One Award at a Time

June 20, 2007

After last week’s news that the Catholic Press Association had given a first place award to the website of the U.S. Anti-Catholic, comes another example of how the CPA is actually a dissident organization that likes to give awards to other dissidents.

Dick (don’t call me Father) Vosko received a first place award for his latest church destruction manual.

Here are some choice quotes from the review:

Rather than highly formal and rigid styles of traditional church architecture, such as spires, bell towers and stained-glass windows, Vosko prefers a simpler, familial style.

For anyone who has ever seen his work, you will realize that to him “simpler, familial style” has an uncanny similarity to East German apartment buildings.

His concepts favor semicircle seating with sloped floors. The overall effect is a more interactive space for congregants. His designs are also light and airy and make use of wood and other materials that create a warm, inviting space.




Yep, this design (among many others) just screams hospitality. If you think nuclear silos and auditoriums are warm and inviting.

“I want to be practical and modern in addressing a changing church, but nothing in my design is theologically unorthodox,” Vosko said. “If churches aren’t modern, they aren’t reflecting today’s worshipers very well.”

Uh, sure. For a lengthy look at Dick (don’t call me Father) Vosko’s theology, read the St. Catherine Review. A choice quote that he has used in multiple projects:

“One reason why our churches are so susceptible to crime is because they are empty during the week. Maybe people who have organized vigils before the sacrament—that’s a wonderful practice to keep vigil—to take turns keeping vigil over the Blessed Sacrament that is primarily saved to take to the sick and dying—that is what the Church teaches us. I think that’s a wonderful practice, to take turns keeping watch, just in case your mother or father needs Holy Communion on their death bed. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can go to the tabernacle and find the Body of Christ in it?”

Yes, this is the man to whom the Catholic Press Association gives accolades. It’s really just a self-perpetuating heresy machine.

Some more on all you stupid people who like your quaint traditions and can’t handle a new Mass translation.