Storm Update

December 21, 2006

It’s day two of the blizzard. Most of the interstates are shut down. The main road through Colorado Springs, Academy Blvd, is partially closed and all my employees are snowed in (at home, not at work). I have four foot drifts across my driveway separated by three foot low spots. There is a ten foot drift behind my house.

There is no postal service again today. I am really sorry, but that order you placed on Tuesday? It probably isn’t going to leave our store until Saturday.

Dear Angry Customer,

December 20, 2006

What is it about this time of year that brings out the worst in you? Is the world REALLY going to end because the out-of-stock gift you ordered five days before Christmas won’t be there on Christmas Day?

Is it really helpful to anyone  for you to shout at my employees because you might have to tell someone that the gift is on the way instead of having them unwrap it on Christmas Day?

Have you ever considered that giving a really nice card with a picture of the gift inside would be acceptable and much more Christian of you than accusing my company of theft because your item hasn’t arrived yet?

It also might be a good time to remember that just like you, we are not perfect and don’t deserve to be rudely treated any more than you do when things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Maybe this year would be a good year to start a new tradition – Epiphany gift giving.

Merry Christmas,

Ian Rutherford, founder Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

White Christmas

December 20, 2006

So here I am at home today writing code for our new checkout process while watching the snow blow straight sideways by the windows. I tried to go to work today and with 15 foot visibility, I decided it would be best if I came home.

Hopefully everyone who made it to work today took my advice and left several hours ago. If you ordered something from us today and needed it by Christmas, I’m sorry. It’s not going to get there.

It’s Carnival Time! Get an Eggnog Snowcone at the Concession Stand

December 19, 2006

The latest Catholic Carnival is live.

Happy Generic Greeting From the USCCB

December 13, 2006

“Thank you for calling the publishing center of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops…

The publishing center will be closing at to allow their employees to attend the publishing Christmas party.

…Thank you and happy holidays. ”

This is the recording you get if you call the USCCB’s publishing center. At least they are attending a Christmas party.

Relax, Keep Our Sights On Advent; Easy Gift Giving

December 12, 2006

Weekly Newsletter

December 12, 2006

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More Heavens Than One Fine Art Print …depicts a tender scene of a mother with a baby in a basket and a little
girl sitting on a table. Standing at the open door is a religious
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More Heavens Than One Fine Art Print

The picture is a beautiful portrayal of two paths to Heaven—motherhood and religious life.

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The Adoration of the Magi Fine Art Print Sterling Silver True Love Chastity Ring
The Chastity Ring

This ring’s a special symbol of the promise that I’ve made.

With your help, O Lord, I know, its glow will never fade.

With your help, Lord, I’ll stand firm, though some may criticize.

For Whose opinion matters, if I look good in Your eyes?

Who can give me anything to take the place of You?

Who on earth can justify a love that isn’t true?

So, I make my statement, on my hand and in my heart.

I know, one day, I’ll hear You say I chose the better part.

The world calls this “old fashioned;” still, I’ll wait-it’s just a while.

For Honor, Truth, and Faithfulness are never out of style.

1995 Stuller

An Assortment of Chastity Rings

Each ring comes with a gift box, card, and pouch.

The card has “The Chastity Ring” poem on it.



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It’s Not Too Late: Three Steps to a Successful Advent

by Dr. Jeff Mirus, special to

December 11, 2006

The same thing that makes Advent wonderful often makes it terrible: preparation for Christmas. This is because, inevitably, we prepare for two Christmases. First, there is the spiritual preparation for Christ’s coming in grace and glory through the celebration of his coming in time. Second, there is the material preparation for all that is expected of us in the course of this celebration. How can we keep the one from interfering with the other?

No matter how hard we try, we cannot eliminate this interference altogether. Dealing effectively with such interference is part of what it means to be in but not of the world. Nonetheless, the key to a successful Advent is the ability to keep one’s spiritual focus so that all the other cares and bothers are imbued with, and motivated by, a proper Advent spirituality.

In honor of the Holy Trinity, let’s take a three-step approach. Here are the three most important things you can do to make your Advent more successful this year:…
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New Family Blog on the Roll

December 9, 2006

I have been reading this blog since the family was trying to sell their house early this year and kept meaning to add it to the blog roll. There: it’s done.

Oh, if anyone wants to buy our house, it’s still for sale. Fourteen months later.  One thing we have learned during this time is that even with six kids under the age of eight, it is still somehow possible to keep the house neat enough that when a realtor ignores (always) the “please give 24 hours notice before viewing the house” note in our listing, we can still make the house respectable in the one hour we get between the phone call and the realtor showing up in the driveway.