Homosexuals Just Want to be Left Alone (Part II)

October 20, 2007

A while back I pointed out that in Britain it was now illegal for private Catholic schools to teach that homosexual behavior was morally wrong. I argued that the homosexual agenda has never been about toleration but about forced acceptance and approval by everyone. Many howls of protest went up that I was making too much of things.

Well, now we have some more examples proving my point.

  • The City Council of Philadelphia has revoked a 75-year-old ordinance letting the Boy Scouts rent a building for a $1 a year on the grounds that the Boy Scouts discriminate against homosexuals. The Scouts will now have to pay $200,000 a year for the space. You would think that a group which has aggressively worked to prevent problems that have plagued the Catholic Church would be applauded for their efforts but instead they are vilified and have had city privileges revoked in Boston, San Francisco and now Philadelphia.
  • The high court in Massachusetts has ruled that parents don’t have a right to remove their children from public school homosexual indoctrination classes even on religious grounds. The court said that if they want to avoid the classes they have to leave the public school system.
  • California has just passed a law requiring all school text books to remove anything that might appear to discriminate against or offend gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and other ambiguous sexual groups. This includes cross dressers.
  • San Francisco has forced Catholic Charities to work with Gay-friendly adoption agencies for placement with homosexual couples and the city council unanimously passed a resolution condemning the Church for being “anti-gay.”

This isn’t about toleration. This is indoctrination and forcing the “religion” of homosexuality on everyone under the guise of equality.

You might want to send a note to the Philadelphia City Council to let them know that their actions against the Boy Scouts just exposes¬† their hatred for anything that doesn’t conform to their indoctrination agenda.

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