Magnificat Lenten Companion Special

January 24, 2008

Magnificat Lenten Companion 2008We put in an order for several hundred Magnificat Lenten Companions this year. The order was large enough to prompt a call from our supplier asking us if we really meant to place an order that large.

Each issue costs $3.95. We have decided to run a special offer for people interested in the magazine. Here is how this works:

If you are the purchaser of the last copy of the magazine we are capable of shipping, whether in our physical store or on the web,  your entire order that includes that copy will be free up to $200.

There is a little twist: We don’t actually know how many we can ship because it is anyone’s guess when Magnificat will run out of copies. We might be able to ship 200 more. We may be able to ship 500 more. No one knows.

Even if you don’t get the last issue, you will still have a great resource for daily Lenten reading that will help you on your spiritual journey to Easter.

Here’s the fine print:

  1. The winning order will be the most recent order placed that gets a copy of the Magnificat Lenten Companion in its shipment.
  2. The winning order can contain more than one Companion and may possibly only get a partial shipment if no more are available.
  3. The winning order can be for an amount greater than $200 but only $200 of the order will be free.
  4. If the winning order is less than $200 including shipping and tax then the entire order will be free including shipping and tax.
  5. Canceled or partially canceled orders will not be eligible for the prize.
  6. Final determination of the winner will be solely at the discretion of Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.