Planned Parenthood – Lying for the Betterment of Society. Again.

November 6, 2007

A few weeks ago Planned Parenthood made national news after it was revealed that the organization had lied about its involvement with the creation of a huge abortion mill in Illinois. Obviously, lying is just part of their modus operandi as has been revealed again in Denver, Colorado.

It was recently discovered that Planned Parenthood is building another mega-facility (all the better to kill you with, my dear) in Denver. The main contractor has refused to back out of the project. It was also just discovered that the property is listed as being owned by United Airlines. United Airlines sold the property last December to a front organization created by Planned Parenthood called Fuller 38. You would think that since the property was no longer owned by United Airlines that the contractor would list the actual owner on permits but as recently as October, 10 months after the purchase, they are still listing United Airlines as the owner.

A couple of the subcontractors have said that they were told by the Weitz  Company that the project was for United Airlines.

But what’s a little deception when there are millions of dollars to made off killing babies?

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