The Best Two Minute Presentation on the Catholic Church. Ever.

We are doing some fulfillment work with the Matthew Kelly Foundation but until yesterday I didn’t know exactly what the whole project entailed. There is a new website called Catholics Come Home devoted to bringing fallen away Catholics back to the Church and also for educating seekers about the Faith. They have created a couple of movies that I think are going to be showing on regular television at some point. Here is an image from the first spot. Click it to go see it on their site.:


Go take a look at all the videos (bottom of the page).

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7 Responses to The Best Two Minute Presentation on the Catholic Church. Ever.

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this.

  2. Milehimama says:

    Hi Ian,
    I need help selecting a Bible. I’m going to rely on your expertise, it’s so hard to pick one without holding it in my hand! Right now I have the St. Ignatius RSV Catholic edition. I have all manner of notes written in the margins, and the baby got ahold of it and ate half of 2 Thess. It’s time for a new one!

    I really like the RSV. I don’t like the NAB. I also liked the Ignatius cross references. It cannot be one of those 50 lb. desk bibles – it needs to be easily accessible! I write in them and mark them up, so wide margins are a must (is there a Catholic study bible that has lines in the margins for notes?)

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Drake Tungsten says:

    These are slating to air in the Phoenix area in coming weeks. If they prove successful, they are due to air in 3 other areas.

  4. Sylvia Harmon says:

    Loved the video! It made me proud to be part of such a wonderful
    faith. Even brought tears to my eyes…

  5. Lynne says:

    The Teen link at the bottom of their homepage links to LifeTeen… Ew…

  6. Very helpful information. Lucky everyone I stumbled upon your blog by accident, with this particular astonished the reason the following twist of fate don’t happened before! My spouse and i bookmarked the idea.

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