Bella Update

From the producers:

Hello BELLA Family,

BELLA opens nationwide on October 26 – that’s less than 2 weeks away!

Because of your hard work and prayers, BELLA is set to open in 31 markets – triple the number originally being considered!

That means BELLA has the potential to touch the lives of millions of people – but only if we have a powerful opening weekend that shatters Hollywood’s box office expectations.

That’s why we are asking you to adopt a theater for BELLA.

By adopting a theater for $3,000, you will guarantee that 300 of your friends and loved ones have the opportunity to see BELLA on opening weekend in your city, and be inspired by this wonderful film’s message of hope and redemption

To adopt a theater, simply visit or call 1-888-474-6025 and leave your contact information.

There is simply no way to put a numerical value on this opportunity to affect people’s lives, so we ask you to please consider adopting a theater by visiting

Thanks to your help we can guarantee the success of opening weekend before the film opens!

Thanks and God bless,

The Bella Team

PS: Here is a list of websites and actions you can take to help promote Bella with websites:
For general information you can visit:
-To view our trailers, reviews and exclusive videos visit: This is an email that you can send to yourself by clicking SEND TO A FRIEND. Once you receive it you can send it to your entire data base
To download tools and resources to promote Bella visit:
-To Buy a theatre or tickets visit:
-To read news stories about Bella visit:

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