Help Get Bella into Theaters

Bella Banner Okay folks, it’s time for a little grassroots action. The movie, Bella, won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival this year but may never make it into theaters.It’s a movie with a pro-life, pro-family message that uplifts without devolving into sappy religiosity. The bishop of Colorado Springs (Thank you, Bishop Sheridan!) sponsored a screening of the film yesterday here in Colorado Springs and the director spoke after the screening.The director is a Catholic and had quite a story of faith to tell about the whole production process and the actors involved.

To get the movie into theaters they are going to need a commitment for at least 4,000 tickets in a city.

You can download free promotional stuff here. You can get banners, trailers, desktop wallpaper and articles.

You may also want to pay a visit to the official Bella site as well. Watch the interview with Eduardo Verastegui, the star who walked away from the pinnacle of Mexican Hollywood to do something meaningful with his life.

So apart from buying tickets, what can you do?

  1. Call your local theaters and ask if they are going to be running Bella.
  2. If you’re a blogger, write about this movie on your site.
  3. Submit this post to Digg, Delicious and various other sites using the buttons below the trailer so the word gets out to more people.
  4. Ask your parish to sponsor a theater.
  5. Put out fliers at work.

Here’s the trailer:

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4 Responses to Help Get Bella into Theaters

  1. Imelda says:

    I want to add my gratitude to Bishop Sheridan for hosting the screening and for the generous donor who underwrote it. Please, Colorado Springs and Catholics everywhere, pass up a football game at the end of October and use your money and time instead to support Bella. Our society is desperate for depictions of life which lift up the spirit rather than degrade and discourage it. As the director said, “if it sells, Hollywood will produce it.” Supporting this movie is an opportunity to send Hollywood a message that the public wants something other than sex and violence, and it will encourage good people like Monteverde (the director) and Verastegui (the actor) to continue in their work.

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  4. Diana Arlet Padila says:

    I was siting in with my mom and looking at the TV with her, She loves her spanish channel and I saw Eduardo being interviewed by “Don Franciso”. I was so Happy to see that there are men with such passion and devotion to the source of all of us “GOD”. I was raised in Mexico as a child as well as here in the United States, I made a choice at an early age to be with God, not as a nun but as an example and mentor. I walk with him and life is exceptional. I enojyed being a youth missionary and serving as a mentor and catequist to single young and teenagers. I had the honor of serving in the International press when Pope John Paul visited Mexico in May of 1990. My family and I moved to the U.S and started from nothing, I was asked to become President of a chapter of Feminist Majority Group and I declined to lead women because of the belief that abortion is not an option, adoption, fostering are alternatives I support is all fails for the mothers to keep their children. I made presentations about Fostering and adotpions alternatives in College. I am inspired and moved to see how Eduardo has placed his love to women through spirituallity, I have honored the integrity to be for only that who is my companion, whom ever my huband is to be and manifest himself through “GOD”. I know that GOD will send him and he will manifest. I am in my thirties and though I was waiting for many good men to manifest themselfs finding the spiritual connection, The only person I have met in the movie industry has been a good friend , who found his calling in the production for Christian Channels. I would like to thank you, Eduardo for taking a stand for your beliefs and your passions. I am grateful that you have choosen to be a role models for the youth and adults of all background. I felt that the form of loving a woman, through “GOD” has been almost extinct and uncommon among todays adults, until I heard Eduardo, I know that there are and will be many men who honor the integrity of loving with their spiritual being first.
    I look forward to seeing this movie and will make it a girls night out for this Friday’s deput.
    Muchas felicidades, exito y bendiciones.
    Que el marantial de ideas y passiones sigan manifestandose en tu interpretaion y atravez de tu arte.
    Con Dios y una sonisa,
    Diana Arlet Padilla

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