Colorado Rockies, No Not the Mountains

I’m not much of one for sports. I have been known to watch the Superbowl on occasion. I have attended about a half-dozen professional ball games in my life. I know who Cal Ripken is and I could pick John Elway and Emitt Smith out of a police lineup.

However, our Colorado Rockies just haven’t been a very attention grabbing team for the last ten or so years. That changed this season when they actually were playing better ball than usual – they had a winning record. Then in September, they were somehow actually mathematically within reach of making the playoffs. I didn’t really start to take any notice until about two weeks ago when they had won eight games in a row. “Hey,” I thought, “this team could actually finish respectably this year.” Then they won some more and came up to the last series of the season playing the division-leading Arizona Diamondbacks for the last three games of the season when they were only two games behind! Well, they won two out of three, the Padres lost their last two and so today for the first time in eight years there was a playoff game between two teams to decide which one would go to the playoffs.

I didn’t watch any of the games, I just checked the scores in the morning and noted that things were looking good. Tonight I checked on the tie-breaking game and the Rockies and Padres are tied at 6 in the eleventh inning. While it would be nice for the Rockies to win, I just think that the incredible way they ended the season says a lot about the character of the players they have this year.

So, go Rockies!

Back to your regularly scheduled Catholic programming


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