Have You Ever Noticed…

That frequently the parish / school which without fail asks you for donations for some raffle every year is the same one that has never returned one phone call when your store has tried to work with them as a supplier for materials?

2 Responses to Have You Ever Noticed…

  1. Ben says:

    The same thing happens when I do business with Universities. They come to us expecting donations etc. and then when they go to actually buy something seem to forget who gave them all that money in the past.

    Almost makes one not want to step out there and be generous.

  2. MomLady says:

    In my former parish the local Catholic bookstore always bought advertising in the parish bulletin, even though it brought them almost no business. (They said it was their way of supporting the parish.)

    When the parish started a bookclub, some of us suggested to the person in charge of it that she work with the Catholic bookstore as the supplier of their monthly reading selection.

    Nope. she went with the local chain store.

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