The Theory of Relativity

aagh=(10 - zz+\gamma^{Db})/\Omega


aagh = the relative level of chaos in your house

\gamma = the number of children making noise

^{Db} = the decibel level of the children

zz = The number of hours of sleep you really got the night before

\Omega = The number of 20 minute increments you have spent in prayer the day before (Mass counts as three).


3 Responses to The Theory of Relativity

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  2. […] know I’m a geek but this gem from Musings From a Catholic Bookstore just cried out for substituting my teenage daughters sleep […]

  3. kailani says:

    Yup, that just about sums it up! Pun intended! LOL!

    Thank you for joining us at the Carnival of Family Life!

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