An Update on Catholic Financial Services and Catholic Online

Well, it has now been three weeks since we tried to withdraw our money from Catholic Financial Services (CFS). It has been one week since we started calling and emailing both CFS and Catholic Online asking why we don’t have the money yet. To date there hasn’t been a response.

However, we did receive an interesting note on Monday. I can’t go into the details but you never want to see your business’ name followed by words like “lien”, “levy” and “IRS”. You also don’t want to do a search for words like that online and find that other government agencies have put your company name together with those words.

As nice an idea as it was to have a Catholic alternative to Paypal, if you want to see your money again, don’t even think about signing up with Catholic Financial Services or doing business with Catholic Online in any fashion.

Please pray that the organization is able to right its ship and regain its commitment to orthodoxy which it seemed to be losing over the past year. Catholic Online has been a valuable source of information almost since the beginning of the Internet and it would be a shame for it fail.

2 Responses to An Update on Catholic Financial Services and Catholic Online

  1. Tim says:

    Yes, COL spells big trouble. Have you ever tried to unsubscribe from the spam they send on behalf of companies like Sophia Press? I have, dozens of times, and I continue to get it.

    In addition, their webmail product is all but useless. I’ve had an account with them since the mid-nineties and I can’t tell you how many times their service has been down or all of my email has been lost.

    Sadly, the only thing that’s keeping them in business is a killer domain name.

  2. Julie says:

    In all cases, especially the very stressful ones, I rely on St. Anthony’s help.
    To St. Anthony, I say “Go get them” and then step back and watch him takeover.
    He is a very influential St.
    In this case, something has definately been lost, with trust being one of the items.
    God Bless, J.

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