Why We Don’t Carry Certain Books

Why we don’t (and won’t) carry certain authors: Its all about orthodoxy and being faithful to the teachings of the Church. Here’s a great website to get more information about authors whose works we simply won’t carry:



4 Responses to Why We Don’t Carry Certain Books

  1. Patrick Kinsale says:

    Sadly, that list just scratches the surface. I hope it’s not your only source of information!

  2. catholicmike says:


    You’re so right. Its not our only source of information. There are many publishers and authors whose works we don’t carry in addition to the ones on this very basic list. Nevertheless, its a good thing for people to know about this website – spread the word! Thanks.

    @ Aquinas and More

  3. Jill says:

    Good site. I’m bookmarking it–I’ve gotten into reading about the faith only recently (a year or so ago). Great source for the nitty gritty on what’s good/bad/ugly. Thank you!

  4. Test says:



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