A Journey of Faith 4

This is the 4th in a series of talks by one of our employees relating the amazing healing power and love of God in her life.

Jesus prayed to teach us also that when our soul finds itself in desolation like his, we should seek consolation from heaven only in prayer to sustain us in the sacrifice .”           Padre Pio: In My Own Words

Dear Friends;

This week I have found myself in a place of quiet solitude. I have tried all week to gather my thoughts to continue sharing my journey only to find myself getting nowhere. The words and thoughts just will not come. I have tried to force it, only to become frustrated in the process. Why is it so difficult this week? Why is the Holy Spirit not moving within me as in previous weeks? Isn’t God hearing me, hearing my prayers?

In the quiet of my heart, I understood. This, too, has been part of my journey, learning to live in the desert times of life. God is quiet right now and I find myself in that place where, a year ago, in a similar circumstance, I felt as if I had fallen right back into the pit of despair, that my prayers were not being heard, and that once again, God had left me.

But, that was then. I’ve grown in my faith enough to understand that when these times come, and they will come to all of us seeking a relationship with Christ, we must press on knowing He is with us. We must continue to pray fervently. We will be tempted and tested as He was but remain faithful. It is in these times that we are strengthened in spirit to continue the journey, never wavering from His plan for our lives. Jesus, I trust in You.

It is a bitter thing to a soul who has once tasted how sweet is the Lord to be then cut off, or in any way withdrawn from the full enjoyment of that sweetness.”                                    Praying with Catherine of Siena

I would prefer not to be in the desert now that have have felt the love and joy of the Lord in my heart, but He is with me and I love Him. With eager longing, I wait.

God bless you,



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