A Journey of Faith 3

The following is the 3rd in a series of talks by one of our employees relating the amazing healing power and love of God in her life.

The truth is that we cannot remain prisoners of the past; people need a sort of healing of memories” so that past evils will not come back again. This does not mean forgetting past events; it means reexamining them with a new attitude and learning precisely from the experience of suffering that only love can build upwards, whereas hatred produces only devastation and ruin.” Lessons for Living by John Paul II

Dear Readers,

Have you ever felt so completely alone in this world? I believe this is when we find our Lord ever closer to us. When I heard myself say aloud, “I hate you, God”, I was shaken to my very core. Hatred is born of fear and fear is not of God. The very God I said I hated was about to teach me all about love.

What did my family do to deserve this?”, I asked. But, in reality, had it not been my family, it would have been another family, perhaps even your family, and I would never wish this kind of suffering on another human being. Yet, brothers and sisters all around us in this world have faced and are facing terrible trauma and suffering in their lives every day. So many people are affected in this life by the wrong choices of others. Evil will always exist and human beings, having been given the gift of free will by God, will either choose in Love or in Fear. We all have made wrong choices in life and our loving Father always invites us back to set things right. This kind of love is all but impossible for our finite minds to comprehend; to be loved with no conditions. Yet, this is how God loves each and every one of us. And, as I was to learn, all I had to do was begin to open my heart and allow Him to enter with His all powerful love, compassion and mercy.

I began to pray. And I wept. I prayed some more. And I wept. I prayed even more. And I began to look to the Blessed Mother. And through my tears, I contemplated her life – a life of love, a life of suffering, a life given over so completely to the will of God. I found a beautiful book entitled “The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics”, compiled by Raphael Brown. This book was quite possibly the most beautiful love story I’ve ever read. Having lost my earthly mother, I sought the love and guidance of our Heavenly Mother and she would become for me the source of strength and courage that would bring me into a deeper relationship with her Son, our Savior and God.

God bless you,



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