Catholic Liturgical Library Feature Bleg

Okay folks, we know that many of you have used over the years as a liturgical resource. Since the site is currently not working, we thought it would be a decent time to ask what features you would most like to see in the site when we have a chance to update it. Go nuts! It’s just a wish list so ask for anything you want.


8 Responses to Catholic Liturgical Library Feature Bleg

  1. […] UPDATE: We would like to do an overhaul of the Catholic Liturgical Library site in the next few months. What would you like to see? […]

  2. Brian the Canuck says:

    Four Words…. Eastern Catholic Divine liturgy… well I dunno… also, I saw this done on another site with the Rubrics and prayers mass… how about placing the eucharistic prayers side by side for comparison, and maybe even some of those Eastern Catholic anaphoras…

  3. Educational materials, rare pre-Vatican II articles and documents, relating to the Traditional Latin Mass and materials regarding the Dominican Rite.

    Include online texts of the “Tridentine” and Dominican Rite Ordo Missae.

    An example of a good article would be “A short Catechism of the Mass By Father Godfrey Carney” (available online on a few websites/blogs).

  4. Athanasius says:

    Add to this site resource materials for a typical parish priest to teach his people Latin, servers the responses for the mass, and rubrics for each position.

  5. - says:

    A very elegant design.

  6. AV says:

    Could you please update your Latin Ordinaries? The “Qui Pridie” only appears for EP I but I think you’ll had it for EP II and III also.

  7. Anonymous pew-sitter says:

    It would be great if there were an easy way to access the actual texts and rubrics of the most frequents rites as they currently exist, Baptism, the various forms of the Rite of Confession, RCIA, so that when the parish PTB are making things up that the Church never asked for, and insisting its their way or the highway, we’d at least have proof that they were pushing us around.

    A FAQ of common liturgical abuses and the citation from authoratative documents to back up those trying to get them corrected would be a big help. (The “authoratative part” is important . Our liturgists are always citing “liturgist John Huels says….” or “The LTP publications allow for…” as if their words had the force of canon law rubrics.)

  8. Paul says:

    Following on Pew-sitter, I think the Order of the Mass for special occasions (e.g. nuptial masses) would be very helpful — you can find the Order of the Mass itself online, but not detailed rubrics for special masses. Also, a guide to what prayers and rubrics were contained in which books would be useful. It can be difficult to know, without having ever looked at them, whether what I’m looking for would be in the Ritual, Gradual, Missal, GIRM, etc. Also, I second AV — having the Latin and the official translation would be amazing.

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