Killing Terrorists Won’t Solve the West’s Problem

I keep hearing person after person bow down before Rudy Giuliani because he is serious about the war on terror and that even though they are personally pro-life, they are willing to support Giuliani because terrorism is now issue number one. Also, Giuliani promises to appoint good justices so everything is fine (sure it is). Would you like the red pill or the blue pill with that mantra?

The problem is that killing terrorists will not solve the problem of Islam and the West any more than putting America into eternal debt to China will make the Chinese friends with America.

The problem is two-fold:

  1. The Culture of Death which is primarily rooted in contraception and abortion.
  2. The rise of multiculturalism in America and the rest of the West.

The Culture of Death mentality inevitably leads to population collapse and economic disaster. The shrinking population, which has been noted in many places, would not be as big a problem as it is if problem number two didn’t exist. When immigrants came to America in the past, they came to be part of the American dream. They came to be American. Now, whether you listen to the rhetoric of La Raza or various Islamic groups, they have no intention of becoming American, only in using American toleration to suit their needs while they undermine the country. All you need to do is look at some of the movements in Belgium, Canada and Britain where Islamic groups want to run their own legal system outside of the country’s jurisdiction. As long as we are too afraid of offending immigrants to insist that they become a part of the American cultural fabric, we are going to continue to move towards a country full of various ethnic groups that hate each other and only are concerned about the empowerment of their group instead of the good of America. Such problems have occurred in the past with parts of different ethnic groups but the groups became part of the American culture within a couple of generations. The opposite is currently happening.

The biggest problem is one of numbers. Have you ever played Othello? If not, go read the regular rules and then come back and imagine playing with these rules:

  1. Each side starts with the same number of pieces (the population of Europe and the United States is almost the same as the world’s population of Muslims).
  2. One side is designated “The West” and the other “The East”.
  3. Every turn made by either player, “The West” must turn an extra one of its pieces to the color of “The East”. (This signifies the negative population growth in Europe, combined with the positive population growth in Muslim countries).

Who do you think will win most of the time?

As long as the West is mired in a culture of death, it doesn’t matter how many terrorists are killed. We will eventually be replaced by a population that has very different values and will be quite happy to use our electoral process to vote those values into place while we commit societal suicide in front of our TVs.

So what’s the solution? Should we shut down our borders? Should we ban Islam in Western countries? Should we start a global war against Muslim countries? No. No. And no.

The solution is two-fold.

First, the West needs to reassert that it has (or had) a culturally superior offering that is better than what the rest of the world is offering. The West produced the ideas of representative government (imperfect, but better than most alternatives), the rights and equality of the individual, limited government and freedom of religion. The West can’t be embarrassed to defend and promote these values and needs to expect those that live in its boundaries to hold these values as well.

Second, the West needs to reassert the culture of life. Consider that you are a Muslim looking at Western culture and trying to decide if its values are superior to your own culture’s values. Consider what is pumped out through the Western media. Consider that Europe and Russia are dying off. Consider that most of the West is in the process of legalizing most of the things that your religion and culture find evil. What would convince you to become part of Western culture instead of trying to spread your own culture instead?

The upcoming US election isn’t about the “War on Terror” and who will kill more terrorists. It is about numbers and ideas. A country that is below population replacement levels (like all of Europe and Russia) and a country that thinks killing its own is a “right” will eventually collapse regardless of how many terrorists are killed. A civilization that has become afraid to say that its ideals are better than others and is not only unwilling to defend them but in many places is trying to destroy them, will eventually succumb to a civilization that is more resolute in its ideals.

The West has nothing to offer the East in the culture debate because the West has determined that its offering will be suicide, decadence, nanny states and infanticide. It is an offering without hope. It is an offering of deathly pessimism. It is an offering that I wouldn’t take in a million years. If I was a Muslim I would simply sit back and wait for the West to kill itself off and then move in to the ghost towns that it leaves behind. Terrorism is a side show on the stage of the civilization debate. The West WILL lose unless the West regains the will to live.

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