A Journey of Faith 2

Dear Readers,

“Here, then, is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: that God is light; in Him there is no darkness.” – First Epistle of John 1:5

Darkness entered my life 35 years ago following the murder of a beloved family member. I was too young at the time to understand the impact this single event would have upon my life. It was a time of fear and uncertainty. Anger and sadness took its toll on my family. As I look back, I realize this was the beginning of my departure from the path toward God. I did not leave the Catholic Church in the years that followed, but I was Catholic in name only. Going to Mass meant very little to me. My heart was now closed and dark spots would appear on my soul for the next 33 years.

“Blest too are the sorrowing; they shall be consoled.” – Gospel of St. Matthew 5:4

Just over 3 years ago, I lost my beautiful Mother. She, too, was taken from us at the hands of other human beings. Mom was my rock. I was devastated. I was alone and I hated God.

What did my family do to deserve this? The God I came to know was a Taker, not a Giver. I was now empty and broken inside. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of my life… the life I was supposed to have lived in communion with a God who never left me alone. In my brokenness, He would bring me Home.

Peace and Love,


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