Do you need strength?

Human nature wants to stand up for itself. “I can do it myself! I don’t need any help.” How many times a day do we say that to ourselves?
He Leadeth MeWith God In Russia
Fr. Walter Ciszek, S. J., tells his personal story of how he overcame these emotions and came to fully rely on God to protect him in his two books He Leadeth Me and With God In Russia.

In With God In Russia, He tells the fascinating story of how he came to be in Russia at the start of World War II and how he got arrested. He goes on to tell of his 23 years in Soviet prisons and Siberian labor camps, and his life after prison in Siberia. In He Leadeth Me he tells how he was able to survive all that he did only through God’s help and providence. He explains the emotions he felt at the beginning of the war and at his arrest, how they progressed during his prison stay and the interrogations, and finally how he came to realize that he needed God to survive his ordeal.

Fr. Ciszek offers strength to anyone faced with tough times and difficulties. He gives both physical and spiritual examples of God’s Divine Providence and love, all taken from his own life.


One Response to Do you need strength?

  1. Kevin Jones says:

    He Leadeth Me is sublime. Anyone who needs to see patience in action should read this book.

    Hasn’t Ciszek’s cause for canonization recently been opened?

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