Happy Generic Greeting From the USCCB

“Thank you for calling the publishing center of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops…

The publishing center will be closing at to allow their employees to attend the publishing Christmas party.

…Thank you and happy holidays. ”

This is the recording you get if you call the USCCB’s publishing center. At least they are attending a Christmas party.

4 Responses to Happy Generic Greeting From the USCCB

  1. Should we boycott the USCCB because they didn’t say “Merry Christmas?”

    /sarcasm 😉

  2. Mark says:

    Are you sure it’s not just an Americanism, as opposed to …a secularism!

  3. Bob Morgan says:

    Further evidence that we need to pray for our Priests and all Religious…..at all levels, especially those in policy making roles such as bishops, cardinals and the Pope. Also pray for vocations.

  4. Imelda says:

    I think it is an example of how language changes due to the way it is used (or not used) in the popular culture. Who would ever think that “Merry Christmas” would become quaint, kind of like saying “Good Day” or referring to boys as “Master (fill in the last name) or girls as maidens? What we don’t use, we lose, so let us be careful in our speech and help everybody along by keeping “Merry Christmas” current rather than allowing it to become an anachronism.

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