Update on ProLifeSearch Catholic Classics

Updated again (9/22/07): Pro Life Search seems to have gone out of business taking a bunch of peoples’ money with it. they never delivered the books they promised but if you happened to sign up for updates you are probably now getting spammed by the former owner. Be warned.

Just a quick update — ProLifeSearch has some more “freebies”
related to their Essential Classics of Catholic Spirituality. If you haven’t checked it out, you should now because there is a new, free audio file of one of the Classics. Go to:


There’s only a few days left before the Essential Classics become available, and they’ll only be offered for 4 days. After that, they might not be made available again until 2007. So don’t miss out!

In the meantime, you can watch this countdown page as we get closer.
If you missed our previous emails and need to catch up on the ongoing and sometimes controversial saga of this launch, you can access the Essential Classics blog by signing up here:


God bless!


2 Responses to Update on ProLifeSearch Catholic Classics

  1. V Clement says:

    What happened to “Essential Classics of Catholic Spirituality?” I paid for the first two books and was promised an opportunity to buy the collection. Does anyone have any information or update?

  2. Jim Nolan says:

    Wanted to let you know the new version of this site is Prolifeinternet.com — the old one shut down and this one is doing the same thing, except in an open and verifiable manner. Every time someone searches, 100% of the proceeds go to pro-life efforts. – Jim Nolan

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