Strive to Be Saints

The pastor of the parish closest to our store has given two really wonderful homilies recently. One was to the local Catholics United for the Faith chapter on the laity’s role in evangelization and the importance of the Church Militant. The second was tonight on the Feast of All Saints.

He started off his homily with a saying from the founder of the Oblates of Mary, of which he was a member, “Strive to be saints”. He went on to talk about how God calls us all to be saints even though we are ordinary people. He said that saints are people who say “yes” to the opportunities God gives them for conversion.

He also pointed out that saying “yes” is not something for old people, it’s also for young people and gave the examples of St. Tarcicius and St. Maria Gorreti.

He concluded by saying that to become a saint you need to do four things. 1) learn how to pray 2) spend time in front of the Eucharist – he gave the example of the Missionaries of Charity who spend an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day 3) learn who you are so that you can become a saint in the way God is calling you to 4) be willing to say yes when the opportunity is presented.

This is the second time in three weeks that someone has brought up daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament. The first was an admonition that in order for our business to succeed, I have to go to Mass every day. Father’s homily was the second. But, like the young rich man who was fond of his possessions, saying “yes” with my time is not easy.

My wife reminds me that “you can never outdo God in generosity”. My problem is trust. I have never been good at it and am constantly relying on my wife to provide it. I am like Gideon – “Okay God, I know you gave me a sign but I really am going to have to get another one before I do what you want.” I think I tempt God too much.


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