Something To Remember Me By

Something To Remember Me ByThis is a heart-warming book about the relationship between a granddaughter and her grandmother. Through the years, they are fortunate to spend special time together – just the two of them. From grocery shopping to watering the garden to tea parties , everything is fun because they are together. Sometimes they were just sit and watch television. The granddaughter would say, “You are the best grandmother in the whole world”. Grandmother would answer with a hug and a smile. As the girl grew, grandma started to give her things to “remember her by” – a little doll, a china figurine, a gold watch, things to put in the cedar chest that would be hers one day when grandma is gone. When this time comes, the girl realizes that her grandmother has, indeed, left her “something to remember her by”. As she looks at her own reflection in the mirror, she sees her grandmother’s big, warm smile – the best legacy of all.

It is too bad that many grandchildren will miss out on the experiences in this book. The same is true for grandparents. People do not live close to relatives anymore. When I was young, one set of my grandparents lived in the same town as my family. The other lived only ten miles away and most of the aunts and uncles were close by, too. I was lucky to have a very close relationship with my grandmother. Even though she wasn’t afraid to discipline me, I knew she always loved me. I still miss her and she has been gone for over ten years. How sad that today most families are split up. Children and parents live on other sides of the country and see each other once a year. It is mostly because of the economy – we have to go where the jobs are. But, what are we giving up for good high-paying jobs?

It is impossible to describe the feeling of being a grandmother. The grandchildren come along exactly at the right time – just when you’re feeling that “empty nest” syndrome. I believe mothers are born to take care of others. We miss that when our children are grown. And, then, along come these beautiful babies that are a part of us. It is almost a spiritual feeling – they fill your heart with such joy! I thank God everyday for allowing me to be a part of my granchildren’s lives.


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