The Power Of Marriage

Yesterday, we celebrated the nation’s independence. It’s a very important celebration in the life of an American.

Also, yesterday, my family celebrated a more important occasion, the 50th anniversary of my Grandparent’s wedding. In a culture of divorce and an aversion to marriage, a wedding anniversary is an amazing occurrence that should be celebrated with all you’ve got. In the 50 years that my grandparents have been married, there are 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

To celebrate the anniversary, we invited as many of our grandparent’s siblings as possible. We ended up having most of them show up. This in itself is amazing, as most of the family has not gotten together in years, since they were always fighting and arguing. This time around, everyone was able to put aside their differences and come together to celebrate two lives that came together fifty years ago to create more life.

And that is the power of marriage.


One Response to The Power Of Marriage

  1. Kevin L. Poss says:

    Happy Anniversary to your grandparents!!! My parents haven’t quit made it that long, 36 years in October.

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