Who’d Have Thought?

This morning our Serra Club saw a DVD which is part of a new vocations program called "Fisher's of Men".

The film included:

  • Interviews with priests, in clerics, talking about how important the priesthood is, about the priesthood being a calling from God, about the importance of the Eucharist and about how a priest helps souls get to heaven.
  • A Corpus Christi procession through New York featuring seminarians in cassocks and surplices.
  • Film from Byzantine Divine Liturgy.
  • Beautiful church interiors.
  • Tasteful and beautiful vestments.
  • Interviews with World Youth day attendees talking about how priests are role models and how guys they know are entering the seminary.
  • Classic stained glass windows and Renaissance art.

What group do you think produced this?

Lincoln, Nebraska? Nope.
Legionaries of Christ? Nope.
Denver, Colorado? Nope.

The Fraternity of St. Peter? Nope.
How about the US Conference of Bishops? Amazing, but true. 

Matrix Priest recruiting posterOn a side note, I learned this morning that the rosary that the "Matrix Priest" is holding is made from fishing line and fishing weights. Pretty cool.


5 Responses to Who’d Have Thought?

  1. charlotte says:

    Anyone know if you can buy a rosary like that? It sounds very masculine. I would be interested in purchasing one for my son and another person I know who likes unique rosaries. Gee, if I only knew someone who owned a Catholic bookstore…..

  2. charlotte says:

    P.S. You can view the trailer here:

  3. We’re working on it! 😉

  4. Julie D. says:

    I didn’t know that about the rosary … very cool! Though I was impressed enough with the fact that the priest is a real priest!

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