The Daily Chesterbelloc – When Does Toleration Become Suicidal? – 05/17/2006

"These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own." – Chesterton

Didn't this used to be called sacriledge? There have got to be Church owned buildings that aren't actual churches where the downtrodden could be housed. I guess, though, that if you don't use your church for holy things, anything goes.

Or how about this?

Nope, you can't complain about Gnostics bashing your religion either.


One Response to The Daily Chesterbelloc – When Does Toleration Become Suicidal? – 05/17/2006

  1. Furor says:

    Tolerance is suicidal from the moment it first comes into effect. Tolerance is ignorance, to be clear; it is sticking one’s fingers in one’s ears and shouting nonsense in hopes that whatever is gross or offensive will simply go away. Tolerance does nothing at all to stop or even mitigate evil, and everything to enable it.

    Hatred is not the opposite of love, but rather the hideous misapplication of love. In both hatred and love is that astonishing decision to give up one’s own life, and to live for someone else. There is single-minded and unwavering devotion. Heck, many of the “symptoms” of hatred and love are the same: nausea, lost sleep, melancholy, bursts of passion. Both have the incredible effect of focusing the faculties in some senses, and dulling them in others. No man is more passionate, more eloquent, or more powerful than when he is consumed by hatred, or by love.

    Tolerance is the opposite of love. It is emptiness, selfishness, and apathy. We should have no part in it.

    Sorry if this all sounds rather grim, but seeing a church defiled tends to get my dander up. Also, thanks for the link.

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